Synthetic Wig Short Dark Brown Highlight 830

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This volumized, dark brown, pixie cut wig is so special! The no fuss, pre-styled beauty keeps life simple. It has a wee bit of brown honey highlights on the top, giving it a modern prettiness. The fringe bangs can be swept back or down across the forehead, and held in place with our soft hold hairspray. The cut and style is perfect for the workplace, and so easy to dress up with some small, tangle free barrettes.

If you like a look that is a little sporty yet feminine, this is your wig! The little bit of puff at the crown give this style instant charm. The sides at the temples and cheekbones are smoothly layered and swept back, while the backside is a fun fringe cut of up curls. And some under curls too! You get immediate satisfaction with this wig because it's always preened, ready to wear.

Wig Hair Color: Dark Brown

Wig Dimensions (inches): 14 x 12

Wig Length (inches): 12