Synthetic Wig Short Ginger Dark Brown 826

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Here we have a deep dark brown, short layered cut wig. It has really fun layers! The bangs can flow across the forehead, or be hair sprayed down to cover the forehead more. At the temples and cheekbones, the fringe cut edges can be easily tamed back for a sophisticated style while at work. You can also gently tease up the layers for a modern, windswept look.

The color is beautiful dark chocolate, with very, very subtle dark cinnamon tones. Across the crown, this wig has a classic puff built in. You can fully volumize or hair spray the puff down a bit. At the sides and back of the neck, slightly long layers give this wig a nice, carefree, almost sporty look to it. It makes a statement: fun, simple, and professional when needed!

Wig Hair Color: Dark Brown

Wig Dimensions (inches): 14 x 12

Wig Length (inches): 12