Synthetic Wig Short Espresso Black 838

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This cute, fringe cut bob wig with straight, jet black hair is modern and fun! The part is slightly to the side, and the bangs are short and wispy... Feminine... You have the option to push them back off the forehead completely and hold them in place with tangle free barrettes. You can also use our awesome soft hold hairspray to keep the built in style in place!

The cut along the cheeks and jawline flow down into a full, soft forward curl. It makes such a nice, face framing quality, pointing toward the chin. If you want just the tiniest bit of length at the neck, this wig is the best. The back has up curl and under curl fringe, making a wispy finish you're sure to love.

This easy, carefree style is a bit sporty and casual. It's still great for a professional setting, as it's pre-styled and looks freshly cut. You'll be ready for everything in a quick minute!

Wig Hair Color: Black

Wig Dimensions (inches): 14 x 12

Wig Length (inches): 12.5