Synthetic Wig Medium Length Espresso Black 849

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This glossy, true black wig is dreamy! In a medium length, it has long, flowing layers with smooth, swept back bangs. The cut is a very easygoing style, with pretty under curls along the cheekbones and neckline. Slightly off to the side, the part is a little sporty looking. The back of the wig is mostly long, with lovely up curls, adding volume. This wig has a modern/ casual, yet elegant style to it.

At the crown, there’s just a little bit of stylish puff. So fun and beautiful! If you like having a little bit of feminine length for a hair style, this wig has a real happy-go-lucky feel to it.

The relaxed way the tresses frame the face says free, easy, and serene. The wispy fringe up curls add a professionally styled quality. With face framing and backside curls, this wig is for all occasions. A few tangle free barrettes will make it extra, extra special! 

Wig Hair Color: Black

Wig Dimensions (inches):

Wig Length (inches): 15