Synthetic Wig Medium Length Espresso Black 848

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Our jet black, modern, fringe cut wig here is amazingly attractive! The multiple layers add volume and carefree wearing every day of the week. You can wear this wig anywhere; to work, the malls, for a walk or bike ride, or out for some fine dining.

The front has short bangs which can be side swept or styled to cover the forehead more. The sides are softly curved toward the face and neck, curling slightly under. At the back, very layered up curls are further volumizing, with a bit of puff styling at the crown.  

The great thing about this wig is you can style it to have a very modern retro look, or choose a more conservative approach. Are you more conservative? Some classy Swarovski crystal, tangle free barrettes are sure to make you feel stunning in this wig. Are you more casual? Some koa wood, tangle free barrettes might just be perfect for you. If you’re more funky, non-conservative, well skull and crossbones tangle free barrettes would great on you while wearing this wig! 

Wig Hair Color: Black

Wig Dimensions (inches): 14 x 12

Wig Length (inches): 15