Synthetic Wig Short Darkest Brown Black 837

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The dark, brown/ black pixie "boy cut" wig you see here has a silky richness in style and color. So sophisticated! This wig reminds one of the styles in the 1920s, doesn’t it? So it’s perfect for the 2020s... The barely there side part flows into bangs from the left (your left while wearing the wig). The bangs cover much of the forehead, softly sweeping over from the part.

There’s a lovely curl facing forward on the left of the wig, right at the cheekbone. These little curls shown can be tucked under, too. On the right, the bangs follow down into a face framing, smooth cut edge flowing to the neck. This cut has a smooth rounded shape at the back of the neck, and soft layers from just below the crown. It’s so simple and easy to keep this wig looking great! 

Wig Hair Color: Black

Wig Dimensions (inches): 13 x 11

Wig Length (inches): 10