Synthetic Wig Short Dark Brown Black 836

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With always ready to go style, this brown/ black pixie wig is adorable! The bangs sweeping across the forehead as shown can also be styled down into a fringe cut look. This cute little wig has the prettiest mini side curls below the temples, and smaller forward curls continue down to the neck.

The great thing about this wig is how easy and modern it is. The "built in" pre-styling of all our synthetic wigs means no curling irons, no flat irons, no rollers. Just a bit of our leave in conditioner and soft hold hair spray and you're good to go. This cut and color is especially easy because you can wear it to work, to run an errand, and then add a few tangle free Swarovski crystal barrettes. You'll look absolutely stunning!

Wig Hair Color: Brown Black

Wig Dimensions (inches): 13 x 11

Wig Length (inches): 10