Synthetic Wig Short Darkest Brown Black 835

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The silky, sleek, straight hair on this modern cut wig is so pretty! This dark brown-black short cut wig will no doubt make you feel stunning. The barely there part on the left (your left) softly flows into side swept bangs. They have a slight under curl, making a soft framing of your face. The cut has the cutest, tiny forward facing curls at the cheekbones.

The soft smooth hair on the back of the wig is very lightly layered from just below the crown to the top of the neck. From the front at the jawline to a little below the hairline at the back, the cut has soft, subtle under curling. There’s a tiny bit of up flip curl, adding instant styling fun. You could top off this super pretty wig with Swarovski crystal, tangle free barrettes at the temples, or anything your heart fancies! 

Wig Hair Color: Brown Black

Wig Dimensions (inches): 13 x 11

Wig Length (inches): 12