Synthetic Wig Short Dark Chocolate Brown 832

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This sleek, straight hair "boy cut" pixie wig is a unique blend of sporty and sophistication. The style says modern simplicity, doesn't it? The hair is a silky dark chocolate brown and has an amazing sheen to it. With a part slightly off to the side, the bangs are parted as well. They taper down evenly to the ears, then into a little longer shaping at the backsides of the neck. Around to the back of the neck, a perfect point finishes off at the center beautifully.

This wig is for the woman who wants simplicity and unique beauty! It's great for an easy to wear, very easy to style choice. There's always the option to lightly tease the wig with our soft hold hair spray for a more windblown look. If you need no fuss, want dark hair in a short style, and love a modern appearance, this wig is an excellent choice.

Wig Hair Color: Dark Brown

Wig Dimensions (inches): 14 x 12

Wig Length (inches): 12