Synthetic Wig Short Dark Chocolate Brown 831

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This adorable pixie cut wig in dark brown is just dreamy! It has a look that might remind you of the roaring 20's hairstyles. The barely there side part on the left (your left while wearing it) flows into sweeping bangs. On each side, just below the temples, very defined single curls hug the cheekbones. At the sides and back of the neck, smooth layers finish in a rounded bottom cut just below the hairline.

The overall style of this wig is simple, slightly versatile, and very feminine. There's the option to lightly finger tease the layers with our soft hold hair spray. You can also add a bit of puff at the crown, or style into a smoother finish. Either way, add a few tangle free barrettes on either side, and you've got some super fun options! This wig makes you ready for everything!

Wig Hair Color: Dark Brown

Wig Dimensions (inches): 14 x 12

Wig Length (inches): 10