Progen Nutri-Fuse Smoothing Cream

Progen Nutri-Fuse Smoothing Cream

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Nutri-Fuse Smoothing Cream adds the finishing touch of gentle hold to the Nutri-Fuse hair moisturizing regimen.

Complete your look with a style that stays with you. Expect a flexible, workable hold from this cream, which can be applied to wet, towel dry, or dry hair.

A healing, moisture-boosting blend of ingredients, including argan oil, collagen, and keratin ensure that Nutri-Fuse Smoothing Cream is way more than just another holding cream. These natural oils and proteins rebuild, refresh, and repair dry, damaged hair systems, wigs and hair pieces.

This Smoothing Cream has a crisp, neutral, green tea scent, appropriate for both men and women.

Nutri-Fuse Smoothing Cream is part of Progen’s Nutri-Fuse quartet of dry hair repair. Use it with Nutri-Fuse Nourishing Shampoo, Nutri-Fuse Leave-In Conditioner, and Nutri-Fuse Silkening Deep Conditioner for healthier, smoother hair.