Chocolate Brown Clip-in Extensions

Chocolate Brown Clip-in Extensions

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All the hair sold at Pacific Hair is REMY HAIR acquired from suppliers around the world.  Remy hair is a breakthrough process in harvesting and manufacturing of human hair used in the wig and hairpiece world.  Remy hair uses only the finest and most beautiful human hair, which is cut from the head and specially tagged “Root End First”.  Throughout the entire manufacturing process, the hair is kept root end first, eliminating common problems such as matting, dullness, and weaker hair shafts.  You will notice that with true Remy ponytails the lengths vary, mimicking the natural look of real hair.

Extensions can be cut, colored, washed and heat styled and are perfect for all occasions. Real Remy Virgin human hair can last up to 2+ years with moderate use. Even at that point it isn't damaged, but has simply naturally shed overtime and will need some volume restored.

The model is wearing a large set. Prices online do not reflect prices in-store.