If you're looking for comfortable, high quality, affordable synthetic hair wigs, you've found the right place!

Pacific Hair Waikiki synthetic wigs are easy to care for and need minimal styling.

There are many styles to choose from: short pixie cut wigs to long wavy or curly tresses. Perfectly styled cuts with lovely, face framing qualities in jet black, light brown or chestnut brown, red or deep auburn tones, and a variety of blonde colors. Many have highlights or a two tone look, like honey blonde or deep red highlights.

These wigs are made to stay styled, so no heated curling irons are needed (heated styling tools should never be used on these, as they would damage the wig). The curls and waves are permanent, so just regular shampooing, conditioning, and a light hairspray are all they need. Of course, we have straight hair wig styles as well! We have brushes that work wonderfully on synthetic hair, too.

As with almost all our synthetic wigs, the lace at the part is well camouflaged with short hairs securely woven in. This newer, modern look requires less styling to try and hide the lace base from view

Also, these wigs can be held in place with adhesive tape or clips. They are super comfy and very affordable, high quality. It's amazing how easy they are to wear,  and the part stays put! You can wear these wigs smooth and tame for a professional look, or more full for a night out on the town. If you're just going to the grocery store, the beach, resting at home, or out to play tennis, the light weight hair spray we have will keep your wig styled. Casual beach hair look or to an important meeting, every time, just how you want it. Care free!