Fiberbond Precision Control Applicator

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The Pro Fiber Precision Control Applicator is a patented and unique electronic device, featuring three-speed options for customizable application. The world’s first and only electric hair fiber sprayer is ergonomically designed for easier, more comfortable application. Comes with a chargeable lithium battery.

How to use

Unscrew the cap from the Thickening Fibers bottle, remove the sifter and screw the bottle onto the bottom of the device. Use the +/- buttons to control the density level of fibers released. Press button to dispense fibers onto hair. Secure bond with a light layer of Fiber Lock Sealer to keep fibers in place. Adjust density level if needed. If the applicator becomes clogged, detach the nozzle, unscrew the hair fibers bottle and lightly blow air into the opening.